The Story of CUE52


CUE52 is a creative arts program for students in middle and high school. The focus of CUE52 is more than simply performing arts, but also creative thinking, living and dreaming. The unique set of programs that we offer are designed to encourage students to dream big and explore the boundaries of their creativity. Our relevant creative environments are designed specially to awaken and unleash the creative process in students.


The desire to develop leadership and character in young people through the creative arts was the foundation for CUE52. Having researched and studied creative style programs offered in the community, the Founders recognized a need for a creative arts program that provides multiple avenues for the exploration of the arts in one environment. As a result, CUE52 features courses in Filmmaking, Music, Theatre, Dance, Art, and Photography all on one campus.


The objective of CUE52 is to provide the young people in our community an irresistible environment in which they can explore their creativity through a variety of relevant creative arts programs. The innovative programs delivered by CUE52 will develop leadership skills and character in young people through the arts.


Investing in the next generation of creative leaders.


To foster creativity in students through the exploration and expression of their talents.

Partner with CUE52


CUE52 exists for students to explore the creative arts within the bounds of a safe yet real world setting. If you would like to partner alongside us, you may do so by donating to the student scholarship fund. Every last penny (100%) of each donation made goes to support scholarships for CUE52 students. Thank you so much for your partnership in keeping creativity active in the next generation of creative leaders!

Wendy and I cannot talk about them [Mark & Clarissa Gibson] enough, and what CUE52 means to us and our family.
— Van Baird (Parent), via Facebook